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GLASS POLISH POWDER 1kg (add water)

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ProGlass Glass Polish, box at 1 kg polishing powder

Product Description

ProGlass glass polish, liquid or powder, is a high-quality grinding and polishing product, for surface finishing of glasses. The ingredients are the same used successfully in the glass industry to remove scratches and to polish glass surfaces.

For scratch removal we recommend to use a polishing machine or an orbital grinder.

Fine scratches, transport defects, traces from the suction cup lifter, coatings and resistant dirt can also be removed by hand. For that please use a clean cotton cloth, a lint-free tissue, a cloth to polish varnish or anything similar.


  • reliable deep cleaner for the vehicle replacement glazing (removes all oil, grease and silicone residues)
  • perfect pre-cleaner for thorough cleaning before applying a water repellent or to fully remove any previously applied coatings
  • high-quality polishing agent to remove scratches on the glass surface (e.g. caused by windscreen wipers, ice scrapers, cleaning sponges or similar things)
  • simple and safe application
  • inoffensive to varnishes, plastics and rubber parts
  • for hand and machine polishing

MAG Code: MC42
PG Code: GP-1000