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Light/Rain Sensor Adhesive Pad for Citroen, Fiat, Mercedes, Nissan,...
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Product Description

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For more and more vehicles a rain or light sensor is already part of the standard equipment. When exchanging a windscreen, the optical unit of the sensor is also often being replaced, though it is not necessary. Our special adhesive pads, made of entirely transparent, self-adhesive material, enable you to reuse the optical unit.

How to proceed:
First remove the optical unit carefully from the glass with an installation stick or a sensor removal tool. As most of the optical units are made of plastic, they must not get in contact with solvent based cleaners. It is best to peel off the remaining glue with the fingers. For the final cleaning, use a cleaner that evaporates without residue and does not corrode the plastic, e.g. our primer/cleaner HRS-100. Now first stick on the adhesive pad to the optical unit and then the whole part to the windscreen. For bubble-free, perfect results use our applicator KPA-250.

By the way, our adhesive pads are also suitable for many sensors with a gel pad. On our website you can find an instruction how to proceed in that case. Upon request our sales staff will also be happy to send it to you.

MAG Code: MF80
PG Code: KPL-192